Data Collection

Collection and analysis of data from bundle compliance is crucial to the success of improvement efforts in the care of patients with sepsis and septic shock. The Surviving Sepsis Campaign’s (SSC) electronic data collection tool while officially retired has been left open and available for sites that wish to use it.

Before proceeding, it is vital that clinicians contact their Information Systems or Information Technology Department; administrative permission to download the database is required by most hospitals. These professionals can review the required system specifications and review all the important information provided on this website.

Also, please review the education resources on this page including "Using the Surviving Sepsis Data Collection Tool" to assure that you understand the features and capabilities.

Note: The Surviving Sepsis Campaign is no longer accepting data in the central repository located in Mount Prospect, IL, USA. The use of the data tool is for local quality improvement only.

Download the SCC Data Collection Tool 
1. Contact your Information Systems or Information Technology Department
2. Read the Software Specifications and FAQs outlined below
3. Register and Download the SSC Data Collection Tool from this secure site:

Guides and Instructions
Data Collection Tool Download Instructions
Data Collection Tool Usage Instructions
Data Collection Tool Installation for Two Units

Using the Surviving Sepsis Data Collection Tool

Learn how to use the tool efficiently and effectively in your institution from the primary designer and member of the Surviving Sepsis Campaign leadership. Christa Schorr, RN, MSN, explains the differences from the previous database and show users how to download and install it locally. She demonstrates reports that can be generated by participating facilities and answer participants' questions.
Download webcast slides (Right-click and Save the file on your computer. PowerPoint Required)​

Note: Case mix is an optional field in the database site information area. If you do not know your case mix, CMS offers information. A hospital provider number is needed.​​​​​​​​​


 Software Specifications and FAQs


What software was used to develop the data collection tool?
The SSC data collection tool was developed using Microsoft Access 2007 software. Hospitals that do not have Microsoft Access software installed on their servers or locally will be prompted to allow Microsoft Access Run Time to download. This will allow the program to run despite the absence of the native software.

Is the data collection tool web-based?
No. Once downloaded, the program files and the data collected using the tool will reside at the hospital. To avoid potential loss of data due to a hard-drive failure, it is recommended that the software reside on a hospital drive rather than a local computer drive. Reports can be generated using the built- in reports options or directly configured by exporting to Microsoft Excel or other software  for more detailed analysis.

How does the IT team select the drive the application is installed upon?
By default, the C drive is selected. The application can be moved by the IT department immediately after installation to any drive chosen. To do this select the folder with the four Microsoft Access files drag the files and drop them into the chosen drive.

Will the shortcut have to be amended?
Yes. Change the target drive by right clicking the mouse, select "properties" and then insert the address of the new drive.

Why is there an exe error upon installation?
This is a windows warning that an unacceptable or unknown program is being downloaded. It is a standard windows message simply give permission to proceed.

Will my hospital’s data be transmitted to the secure SSC server?
No. The Surviving Sepsis Campaign is no longer collecting data in a central repository. Data can only be stored locally at your institution.

How do I know if the data I enter is accurate?
There is messaging built into the database to help prevent errors however ultimately the data collector is responsible for assuring that the data entered is correct. At first, it could take a bit longer to get used to the required fields but over time the entry will be more efficient.

What is contained in the data tables of the data collection tool and what are the key fields and purpose of each field?
Table Documentation


 Data Collection Paper Tool


The paper data collection tool can be used to gather information in advance of entering a chart into the electronic data collection tool. The Surviving Sepsis Campaign provides a paper screening tool to assist when evaluating patients in the hospital emergency department, medical/surgical/telemetry wards, or in the ICU. The previous version with callouts to indicate the changes from 2008 to 2012 is available.
If your institution has a screening tool or other form that you think would help your colleagues and that has been approved by your institution to share on this website, please email the PDF to